Government Office Contacts

Your Vandenberg Village Association board members serve to ensure our community gets the appropriate attention from our State and County Agencies. While the VVA is not a government agency, the board is an active liaison between the citizens of V.V. and these agencies. The board also maintains a strong voice through good working relationships with our elected officials.

Remember: Call 911 for Emergencies

Santa Barbara County and the rest of the state is well below 50% of normal for precipitation for the 2013 rain season. We are expecting an early start to fire season this year. (source: Captain Scot Alderete, SBCO Fire Dept.)

S.B. County Fire - Sta. 51
3500 Harris Grade Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

If we can't find you, we can't help you

If you have an emergency at your home or business, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds you when you call to request assistance; a vital piece of information is your address. It is important that you have your address visible so that emergency vehicles responding to your aid will be able to reach the scene in a timely manner. The numerical address should be at least 4 inches in height for residential buildings and 6 inches for commercial buildings. Additionally, the address should be attached to a contrasting background and be readily visible from the roadway. It is also helpful if the numbers are reflective so they're visible at night. By posting your home or business numbers, you will be helping us help you without unnecessary delays.

Fire Safe Structure:

There are three main factors that create a fire safe structure: location of the structure, building materials and design features, and management of nearby vegetation. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds homeowners that the survival of your home from a wildfire with its existing design and location is directly linked to how well you maintain near-home vegetation. During wildfires, most home ignitions are caused by flying embers from burning vegetation.

- The roof should have a Class A fire rating. A complex roof with many angles can accumulate debris. Keep your roof and gutters clean of debris.
- Fires can ignite in the attic due to flying embers. Use attic vents designed to resist the intrusion of embers and flames.
- Install dual-pane windows with tempered glass.
- Box in or eliminate exposed eaves for additional protection.
- Don't store combustible materials next to your house or under your deck.
- New homes should be built away from ridge tops, canyons and saddles.
- Post your address and maintain your entry roadway to allow firefighting equipment access.

For more information on building and maintaining a fire safe structure, please visit Ready! Set! Go! Program.

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